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Lindsey McDonald's Line. Leave a Message.

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"What's the first rule of law? Stay alive."

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~ Five bad decisions in the life of Lindsey McDonald. ~


It really all starts with a terrible bar and terrible music on the radio. He doesn't really have a lot of anything - other people make him nervous. He's the worst sort of fish out of water in the big city and while all the other associates curl up in the corner and laugh like cats he prefers to sit in the corner and stare into his draft beer. He's good at the job, it's the social aspect that he wants to understand. Picture an animal at the zoo looking through glass at the people walking by. It makes no sense to him.

Or maybe he's just bitter. Bitter that the beautiful redhead he'd been eyeballing for the past two days had turned him down with a sympathetic look and his buddies had chided him about the "friendzone". Maybe he's just feeling lonely as hell, lawbooks are a poor substitute for people.

"You look sad."

Lindsey looks up sharply. Blonde, hair so pale it's cascading in the light down around her shoulders. She wears a red dress that the dim bar lights make blood across her body. She's beautiful.

He stops and wonders if it's the isolation talking.

"Beer tends to do that."

"I thought beer goggles made everything look pretty."

His smile is shy, nervous, "...I don't need to drink to tell you you're pretty."

Her eyes go wide, "...You're full of surprises Mr..."

"McDonald." Lindsey said, "Lindsey McDonald."

"Lindsey Mcdonald." She leans across the table resting her chest on the wood, "Would you like to buy me a drink?"

I'd love to is a damning sentence in any situation.


Flashbulbs. Police lights. Sirens.

No blonde, a brunette. A stocky brunette with a serious look on her face asking him why. Why did you decide to kill yourself? Are you unhappy?

Two officers in dark grey who tell him the lady was wrong and the slashes on the wrists that showed mauling were done by humans. Held hostage. How long has it been? He doesn't remember. Where is she?

"Lady in red huh?" The older one leans in conversationally, "That's what was on the juke box at the bar man. Glad to have you back with us."

Back? No he can't go back. Lying in his hospital bed and shaking. There are flowers, there are cards, none of it matters because he had her. Her lips were on his body, her hand was on him, his most sacred part of himself. The truth I'm a vampire.

Had she promised between the bites, the devotion to bring him to her again? What did he really have to keep him in the land of fake coworkers and people pretending sympathy?

In the smoke he remembers a song. Hopelessly devoted, to you...

He doesn't give notice. When he's out of the hospital his suits and ties are gone. All he takes is his guitar, his truck, jeans and a shirt. He disappears, a name on a list. A ledger - writing off mankind.

He had a choice.


There is a shadow world.

Snake demons and werewolves (fucking werewolves?!) and demons as a whole. The two bump up against each other and it's wind against the trees. The world he knew bows before it. What gets him is there are people that move in these circles. Human beings who look at the things that go bump in the night and scoff. He tries to move his way into those circles but who knew that law school was easier then trying to hunt monsters and dark evil creatures?

A different lack of acceptance. He doesn't let it bother him, it's not because of what they do. He wants her, the woman in red and so he learns over the years as his hands grow hard and his gaze grows distant. The man with no name is perfect for someone who never felt like they belonged. He steps into it and wants acceptance. He couldn't have dreamed her promise could he? Throughout the hours he spent with her, when he begged her to let him go and let him live? He couldn't have.

She was waiting for him. Festering on his soul like a blister. Hell, it turns out at least he's a crack shot, good with the rock salt.

But before each one of them goes to the sky he asks - like Tommy Lee Jones. Have you seen her? The woman in red?

She is a light in the world of shadows, while he fades away.


Dean cursed, "Sam."

Stake in hand Sam goes low, then high - young men. All young men. He can't see where McDonald went. Teaming up was a mistake.

"Sammy any time you want to get the idiot -"

"You know for a guy like this one..." He dodges a high school senior with blood sprayed down her front. The graduating class of Rydell High - thank you and goodnight. Eternity must look better when you're young.

"He's taking his own sweet time."

Dean sighs, raises the weapon bobby built. Stake launcher. It works surprisingly well. Universal studios would be proud as he raises it and aims ...

There's a wind on the grass as the last vampire goes up in dust. The stake flies -

There's a shout and McDonald is on the grass with the wood in his heart. The woman in the red dress staring down at him shocked.

"Did he just..."


She doesn't spare the man on the ground a glance. He's crying - wood buried in his chest, "...Hang on man, hang on -"

Lindsey shoves Dean off without a word, "...I spent years...years chasing her down. I had to know. After what she did to me..." His sleeves are rolled up to reveal marks - long slash marks, "She promised."

Blood bubbles up between his lips, "But she laughed at me and said that was how things worked here. I just wanted..."

Dean puts two and two together as Sammy meets his gaze. Leading the students. Covering up disappearances, the whole start of the rotten case of the missing students of Rydell High. Dean stands up and both men feel a stab of pity.

"...He made a big mistake in the end."

"Did he?"

They leave the body there. There's nothing else they can do.
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NAME: Ramen
AGE: 26
JOURNAL: I didn't reserve, but my journal is [personal profile] blackswanevent

CHARACTER NAME: Lindsey McDonald
SERIES: Angel the Series
REFERENCE: Lindsey on the Buffy Wiki
CANON POINT: Just after 2x18. "Dead End."

Heterosexual . This was a hard decision to come to. Lindsey and Angel have quite a bit of unresolved sexual tension throughout the series. Something that Darla (Lindsey's primary love interest) picks up on ("You don't want to screw me you want to screw him") but since Joss never acted on it he is primarily heterosexual although I think if given the opportunity to experiment he would at least be willing. Personal opinion dictates that he's at least bisexual. It doesn't matter what the person looks like despite him being male-brained. However for the sake of game, Heterosexual is the best idea.

We are first introduced to Lindsey McDonald at the beginning of Angel, an attractive lawyer who seems to be obsessed with money and power and doesn't care what he does to get it. He embodies, in that first episode - the darkside of the 1990s yuppie movement. The golden age of the United States where men drove fast cars and everyone made lots of money and had lots and lots of nice things. He gradually reveals that he is particularly unsure of himself, that he craves attention and approval, and that he is easily manipulated. Lindsey tries to take a stand early on and demonstrates what will become a rebellious streak. He doesn't do this as well as one might hope, acts impetuously, and eventually is caught. His mentor Holland Manners convinces him to sell his soul - for a six figure salary and a corner office.

Lindsey takes it. He takes it because he represents the concept of avaricious evil. He desires money and specifically power above all else due to his personal failings because he feels that having those things will bring him love and acceptance. Signing that deal isn't just achieving what he's worked for for years, it's earning the approval of his superiors. Lindsey cares about recognition, not diamonds and furs.

He doesn't take it out of a desire to power but rather a desire to please one of the only people who ever actually cared about him. He is motivated by a desire to demonstrate to anyone else that he has chosen his allies despite still being very unsure about it. Lindsey defines impetuous, his two sins - wrath and pride and a refusal to acknowledge personal weakness according to others. The fact remains that Lindsey has never known real love or acceptance so he'll jump at any opportunity to take it and instantly become a supporter of whoever gives it to him. In this case, the demonic law firm.

The pressure of working at that place however begins to wear on him. Lindsey is a fundamentally good person who believed himself a champion of the oppressed and the lost. He chooses defense because he believes in the rights of the people as opposed to the rights of an oppressive system never realizing (or perhaps realizing too late) that by choosing Wolfram and Hart he was choosing the side of evil.

This begins to manifest itself throughout the course of season 2. He becomes aggressive, taking on the traits of his employers and seemingly embracing working as an immoral and amoral attorney. He is desperate for some sort of release and some connection to his humanity since one of his previous connections - his music - was taken away by the vampire Angel when he cut off his hand in the line of duty. He finds it in Darla the vampire who he is tasked with taking care of in an attempt to use her to destroy Angel. In and out of psychosis, Darla first relies on him to take care of her and then uses his love for her against him and to get what she wants. Lindsey relates to people who rely on him, he's naturally nurturing and he is surprisingly gentle with Darla. It's love, she represents a link to his humanity that he lost and in a moment where he needed someone she needed him.

Her feelings generated a death wish within him, and her sparing him at Holland's ill fated wine tasting party cemented the idea that she would be the one that got away and he would never love anyone as much as he loved her.

Even later in the series when Lindsey falls in with the senior partner's liaison, the immortal being known as "Eve", he does not return her affections beyond a simple pat on the head. Hey, you love me that's cute. Then again, Lindsey metaphorically had his heart ripped out for the course of several months by a demonic S&M demon. He no longer feels anything but a sense of loyalty to himself at the end of season 5. While he expresses regret for his past crimes and for the mistakes he made he does not particularly open up to Eve - acting cocky and arrogant around her. Even when Angel promises him the Los Angeles branch of W&H he takes it, but what he would have done with it was anyone's guess. As Lorne the demon states, "You'll never be a part of the solution Lindsey"

Overall Lindsey is a character literally pushed by the actions of another into becoming a villain, or at least an antihero. He goes from walking the middle of the path to being shoved off the path entirely. His employers sought to push him to the path of darkness, Angel made only a half-hearted attempt at saving him so Lindsey concludes the series by walking a particularly lonely road. He is a figure who walks and talks and acts human, but ultimately has lost the fundamental aspect of humanity - his soul. Ironically Angel succeeded in doing what Wolfram and Hart couldn't - corrupting him and forcing him to lose his faith in humanity. In short, he ends the series like he began it - as a man pretending to be something that he's not.

POWERS: Lindsey's canonpoint - just at the end of season 2 - has him being a first class attorney with two new hands. Therefore while he has some minor magical skill, he's mostly a drifter who plays very sexy guitar.

Lindsey is over 18, and familiar (if not overly) with sexual activity. Honestly his religious background and his upbringing contributing to being almost shy and gentlemanly around women. His time with Wolfram and Hart has created difficulty in his connecting with them. That coupled with a desire to succeed and a desire to be on top - and thinking "There'll always be time for that later" has led to him being aloof around women and men on a sexual level. Hence why being here will be delicious.

Especially given how, prior to this he just ended a "relationship" of sorts and was dumped. He's at a real crossroads, will he go good? Will he be bad?


Have a box sample. Since that's mostly in first person.



[For the purpose of this, I'm going to pretend that Darla is here and I'll be doing ...both of them just so that the prompt makes sense.]

She is cool skin against his, somehow relaxed despite the fact that he knows - point blank that she's not a vampire anymore. Darla was never this happy to be human.

Throughout dinner he tried to recognie her impressions, to find out why this sudden change of heart. Her foot slid up his thigh, toes curling around his sock while they chatted over fish, soup. She eats like a bird, he eats like a horse. He remembers her hand on his.

He was terrified. Terrified was an understatement. She was on him like a feral animal nibbling at the skin of his neck with fangs, like a kitten trying to decide if this was play or reality. Relearning old skills.


Oh god yes. Scared and flacid as hell until she kisses the area her teeth marked and slides a hand down his pajama pants.

He wants to cry. He could love her, having her like this, reacting like this. He just has to close his eyes to hear the rustling of his clothes in his closet and the abandoned hangers jangling like keys to his heart and, "Why are you here?"

She pushes back her chair, finger trailing along the table, "Isn't it obvious?"

It's most decidedly not. Since coming here he's felt freer then he has in years. Another planet - in the same dimension the senior partners can't touch him here. He's gone as far away as he can get and he's happy with that arrangement. Having her here is ... distracting. Enough that his cock stirs between his legs while she trails a hand up his shoulder.

She gyrates against him for a moment before continuing to kiss him. HE wants this (doesn't he? It feels wrong and right. It's not the first time a woman's been down there but god almighty it's been years...)

Her fingers work and he stiffens. It's then that she bites. She bites hard and fast but she's good with her hands. He's good with his hands too and the pain is slowly dissolving under the weight of pleasure. Pure pleasure. Funny how the two mix.

He's on her before she can finish her tirade, finish her rant. Vampires. He gave up a hand for those vampires, he lost his sense of self to her once before. He's not going to do that again damn it. He can't. His teeth find her lower lip and bite, bite hard and slow.

He whimpers. The pain and the pleasure twist and spin and spiral together and it is too much - far too much. He wants to pull away but she knows her business, she has him in the grip of unnatural strength. Between that and the medical feeling of blood loss ...

He floats. It's nirvana. No wonder men would die for her.

His climax is a storm. She pulls away with a smile and a kiss to the wound before she runs her tongue across it. Wounded and shaking he clings to her, tugging on her arms as helpless as she was once upon a time.

I loathe being used.

"We'll go again in a minute or two darling." Her voice is soft, murmuring low. Instinct drives him to kiss her hands. Again? Yes again. And she could bite him again. Or even...

His own woefully dull teeth find her wrist and she snatches it back with a laugh.

"Not tonight darling. I have a headache."

Darla is here, and now, and soft. She's a breeze in his arms, and that's when he sees the fangs. One of those damn experiments. How long will it last?

Screw it. She opens her mouth and sinks her teeth in and he's half heart. Eight or nine sessions of getting him off while drinking his blood will make anyone a junkie for a habit. She was his heroin. If only he'd gotten into the real thing, it might have been cheaper.

But he's angry as hell that she's just using him like this - they collide with the wall and she pulls her lips back just as he grabs for the steak he was using for his fish. One slice - small and quick over her breast.

She lets out a gasp of pain, her look wounded, "Lindsey..."


"It won't last." her tone is quick, above reproach. But she's breathy because his hand is between her legs,, "It's my experiment, not yours I don't ..."

Later, after he's recooperating, she brings him a glass of orange juice and he confesses in a haze that he wants to be powerful too, to be a monster.

"How do you like your little monster."

Her reproachful tone gave way to a smile, "That's my boy." He tastes her as his fingers work.


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Do you have any issue with how I play Lindsey? Tell me! new HMD for a new game. Trust me, I take critique seriously. I have anon abled, all comments screened.

On that note. Lindsey works for Wolfram and Hart. That means that he's paranoid by nature, and with being pulled directly from hell and everlasting torment Lindsey is slightly unstable. In addition to working for a giant lawfirm who has files on a bunch of dirt on a bunch of people in the Angel universe, he's also big on digging up dirt on others.

What this means for you: This could potentially afford you a great plotting opportunity as well as a chance for either positive or negative CR with this kid. Alternatively it affords your character a chance to beat the crap out of him!

So, if you're interested in this potential opportunity, or if you're a canon mate (unfortunately due to the nature of Lindsey I need people to fill out the canon-mate aspect of it.) skip on down below!

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